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Harrison College Medical Assisting Program

PrintThe choice of deciding to work in the ever-growing medical field is a wide-open opportunity in today’s world. Every professional doctor knows just how valuable and advantageous it is to have qualified and skillfully trained medical assisting staff in his/her medical practice.

One of those valuable medical spots on the team belongs to the doctor’s medical assistant. Qualified Medical Assistants are really the doctors right hand in providing the most up-to-date medical care to the patient.

Becoming a qualified medical assistant is easier now to study for than ever before. Harrison College now offers a new Medical Assisting Program which will garner the student the opportunity for certification in the Medical assisting field once the student qualifies for and passes the certified Medical Assistant Certification Exam.

The American Association of Medical Assistants grants this certification to students who have shown aptitude and met rigorous qualification standards by attending an accredited medical assisting school, and by passing the medical assistant’s certification test. While, it is possible to become a medical assistant without gaining the certification, most doctors seek out and do want to employ certified medical assistants.

The certification assures the doctor that the medical assistant has achieved adequate training and earned the Medical Assistant title through hard work, dedication and a level of commitment to their profession.

Becoming certified also entitles the medical assistant the opportunity to obtain better paying jobs at higher salaries and in effect, assures the doctor of proper training and skill. Harrison Medical Assisting Program is a fully accredited training program which trains and assists students in becoming Certified Medical Assistants.

To become certified in medical assisting, the student must attend and graduate from a program that is fully accredited through the CAAHEP or ABHES which is offered by the American Association of Medical Assisting. A candidate for certification must apply to take the certification exam thirty days before graduation or within the twelve months just after graduation from the Medical Assisting Program..

The current price to take the qualification test is $125.00, which is non-refundable and non-transferable, and may be paid by check, money order or credit card. You may also check online on the status of your application after thirty days of registering for the exam. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail to obtain a Scheduling Permit in order to schedule a time to take the test.

Make certain to print out and keep up with this Scheduling Permit as you will need to have it with you when you take the test. After the test has been scheduled, it’s time to fully prepare for the exam. You can aid your study considerably by going to the Here, you will find all kinds of helpful resources to help you prepare for the certification exam.

The site offers the most current information and even recent practice tests to help you prepare and do well on the test. The site also offers the opportunity to take a CMA review course through the AAMA for those who feel the need to update their skills before the exam. Of course then, the next step is actually taking and passing the exam. Remember, now is the time to remain calm during the test, secure in the knowledge that with your training, you are more than prepared to do well on the exam.

Upon passing the exam, you have earned the right to call yourself a certified Medical Assistant. You will receive a wallet card to carry and a certificate showing your Medical Assistant credentials. However, to remain current and update your Medical Assistant credentials, every sixty months you must get re-certified through a re-certification exam or by obtaining educational credits pertaining to your field of study.

Once you have made the decision to become a Certified Medical Assistant, there are many ways to achieve this valued training. Opportunities for Medical Assisting study are offered through various online programs and through traditional fields of study. There are many quality Medical Assisting Programs and Harrison College Medical Assisting Program is one of them.

The Harrison College Medical Assisting Program can provide the training necessary for the student to become qualified to obtain certification as a Medical Assistant. Harrison College can help you with all the guidelines of study you will need in becoming a Certified Medical Assistant and help you shape and obtain your career goals. You can check out the top selected programs with our state guide in order to find on-campus programs. Harrison College Medical Assisting program is listed there.

Yes, becoming a Certified Medical Assistant is easier to obtain now than ever before. The Certified Medical Assistant is a much valued and recognized member of the medical profession’s team today. Becoming certified in the field of Medical Assisting makes you qualified to join this prestigious team.

Let the Harrison College of Medical Assisting program assist you and help you establish your career today. Become a Certified Medical Assistant through a secure qualified program. Certified Medical Assisting is a distinguished, recognized field of study. You can achieve your dreams.

Start today with the Harrison College Medical Assisting Program.