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Medical Assistant Program at Maysville Technical College

In the traditional healthcare system, the vast amount of popular attention focuses on the doctors, nurses, and surgeons of the world. Certainly, these professions are highly educated and expertly trained, and they perform functions that are integral to the success of any hospital, health clinic, or healthcare system. However, an often overlooked part of the healthcare system, particularly in Western nations including the United States, is the role that is played by Medical Assistants.

The Medical Assistant Program at Maysville Technical College can provide focused individuals with the training and expertise necessary in order to become a successful medical assistant. Medical assisting is a lucrative career choice for those people who share and combine a love of people, medicine, and science. As described by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of a medical assistant in a healthcare setting is varied and exciting; medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks that often depend on the specialty of their employer (often physicians, chiropractors, and other health practitioners like podiatrists) as well as the location and size of the medical practice.

Essentially, a medical assistant alumnus of Maysville Technical College acts in a professional practice as a liaison between the patient and doctor, who plays an extremely important role in diagnosis, treatment, and administrative tasks. Furthermore, the medical assisting field is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow by 29% over the next ten years – that rate is significantly faster than the average American profession, and suggests that jobs will be plentiful for medical assistants in the future.

The Medical Assistant Program at Maysville Community and Technical College in northern Kentucky offers students a valuable opportunity to gain the academic and clinical skills and experience that will allow them to pursue rewarding, well-renumerated careers. Medical assisting students at Maysville Technical College pursue a wide variety of academic courses relating to the topic of medical assisting – all students study over the course of their education Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Law and Ethics, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Procedures, Laboratory Procedures, and Administrative Procedures.

This well-rounded courseload helps prepare Maysville’s medical assistant students for the “real-world” experience of working in a true healthcare setting. Potential students must investigate the admissions requirements for the Medical Assisting program at Maysville Community and Technical College. Per Maysville Technical College’s own website, students must meet the minimum score requirements on one of two standardized tests often administered in high schools around the country; either the COMPASS or ACT standardized tests must be taken and the student’s score must be sufficient for admission.

Maysville Technical College also asks that students pursue their general education courses and support courses prior to enrolling in the Medical Assistant program; however, potential applicants should note that is the College’s preference but not necessarily a requirement. Finally, Maysville Technical College requires that its Medical Assistant students attain a grade of “C” or higher on a ll program requirements.

Maysville Community and Technical College maintains several campuses throughout the northern Kentucky region; it is important to note that not all classes, programs, and certificates are available at every campus. The Medical Assisting Diploma is offered on the Maysville and Rowan campuses, while almost all of Maysville’s Medical Assisting certificates can be earned at the College’s Maysville, Rowan, and Licking Valley campuses. The only evident exception is the Electrocardiograph Technician certificate is available only on the Maysville and Rowan campuses of Maysville Community and Technical College.

Upon finishing Maysville Technical College’s Medical Assistant Program, students will be in a great position to gain their official medical assistant certification. Although the official certification is not required in order to gain employment, it is a boon to any potential applicant’s resume and boosts an individual’s chance of being offered a position. From Maysville Community and Technical College itself, students may receive both a degree and a diploma in Medical Assisting. Furthermore, Maysville Technical College offers its students the opportunity to pursue multiple certificates as a subordinate part of their studies in medical assisting.

For example, students may pursue a Medical Office Administrative Assistant certificate, which generally requires 18-20 credit hours in specific classes for the student, a Medical Office Insurance Billing and Coding certificate, which similarly requires the student to enroll in an additional 18-20 credit hours of classes, as well as an Electrocardiograph Technician certificate, which only requires students to enroll in an extra 7-10 credit hours of courses at Maysville Technical College.

Any of the three certificate options could potentially be significantly beneficial in the resume and career of a medical assistant. For students considering medicine or healthcare as a potential field, Maysville Technical College’s Medical Assistant Program could provide an invaluable experience in preparing them for a long, successful, and rewarding career.