Medical Assistant Specialty Online Courses

Whether you are new to the workforce or transitioning between jobs, consider training as a medical assistant. This is the time for you to look into this exciting career. Whether you are energized by caring for others, or looking for a job in a growing field take this opportunity to evaluate your opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that employment in this field will grow nearly three times as fast as the average of other occupations.Recognition as a medical assistant comes in many different ways.


National recognition is voluntary for the medical assistant, but employers will look more favorably on applicants that have taken this added step. There are two groups that are nationally known and approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) for granting medical assistant recognition. The American Association of Medical Assistant (AAMA) grants the title certified to those applicants who complete both an approved program and an examination.


The American Medical Technologists (AMT) has been registering medical assistants since 1972: they require specialized training in an accredited curriculum or 5 years experience.


The National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) is an independent certifying agency which gives recognition to a wide variety of health care workers.

They are known to require continual updating to maintain their recognition. With all this background it mind you can now look at opportunities to find a program that will give you the most credible recognition leading to long term employment opportunities.

While some students have few family responsibilities, or live near schools that have approved programs, many do not. However, with the advancement in internet connectivity, many online education programs have been developed to train medical assistants and prepare them for their professional examinations.

These medical assistant specialty online courses will help you reach your goal while respecting your other responsibilities. As with any investment you make of your time and money, you want to carefully evaluate possible programs.

Some of the facets to consider relate to their costs, and time-lines for completion. Another aspect to look into is the employment rates of the graduates in the short and long term. Programs offered by well established educational institutions are often more reliable. is one resource for comparing educational opportunities in many different specialties.They have identified several that offer medical assistant specialty online courses. On the top of their list is the largest online universities which has nearly 90,000 students in ever so many different specialties.


Liberty University Online is a Christian school which started online classes in 1985. Some core classes are held in 16 week terms while others are more flexible. The breadth of their programs enables the student working for an associate degree in the Medical Office Assistant program to do some specialization while taking the required 61 semester units.


The program at Kaplan University, a well respected private, for-profit university requires 92 quarter units of classwork as well as clinical training in a health-care facility.


Midway College in Kentucky offers a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level online. Communication skills are key in their degree which is called an associate in Medical Assisting and has accelerated instruction opportunities. Harrison College, another large for-profit institution is located in Indianapolis. They offer an Associate Degree which prepares students to assist doctors in working with patients, or with other aspects of their practice.


Further north, Herzing University is a for-profit program based in Milwaukee. Expect to take about 20 months to complete the 60 semester units they require to earn a Medical Assistant associate’s degree. Penn Forest College based in Scottsdale has robust offerings in over 150 programs. Their graduates are directed to take the examinations with either AMA approved recognitions. They require 65 semester units for the associate degree as a medical assistant.


In the Fort Lauderdale area, Keiser University has developed their eCampusonline division which offers a Medical Assistant associate’s degree. Classes are taken sequentially and last up to four weeks.

San Joaquin

San Joaquin Valley College was established in 1977 as a for-profit program that specializes in health, business and technology. Many of their degrees can be completed in 14 months. When the student earns the associate degree in Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant they are encouraged to take AMT exam to become a registered medical assistant.


The online program developed by Stratford University for medical assistants requires 90 quarter units and is usually completed in 15 months. It covers the entire broad spectrum of information about the medical practice from clinical to office responsibilities.


Lastly, Anthem College Online is a more recent entry into the field of education. They require applicants to have worked in the field for a year before applying or complete a clinical externship. The schools mentioned above are not an exhaustive list of opportunities to take medical assistant specialty online courses, they highlight some of the program variables that will help you pick your program.

When you have narrowed your research down to two or three possibilities, do take the time to speak with the program adviser who will guide you through the experience. A successful online education will require a certain amount of personal attention, and that should be set up in the beginning. Careful planning on your part is the first step to a successful achievement of your dream to become a medical assistant in the contemporary health care setting.

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