Medical Assistant Programs & Classes in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most majestic states to live in out of the United States. The medical assisting field is rapidly growing with a high demand for employment according to the Alaskan Government. Even though the percentage is a bit lower than the U.S. average, with a 31% difference, it is still considered one of the fastest growing fields in the state of Alaska.

Medical Assistant Growth in Alaska

Medical Assistants look to grow at a rate of 29% by the year 2018. On the plus side, the hourly average pay is significantly higher compared to the rest of the United States. Medical Assistants, on average, make approximately $18.53 per hour, with an average salary of $39,200 per year. If you live in the Fairbanks area, it gets even better, with an hourly pay rate of $21.36.

Medical Assistant training can be beneficial for working many healthcare related jobs in Alaska. Considering there are many small populated areas, and villages all through out this state, healthcare services can be lacking if not non-existent. This makes being certified as a Medical Assistant a very valuable asset.

Credited Programs for Medical Assistants in Alaska

There are several medical assisting schools in Alaska, as well as online learning options. Alaska offers many accredited, low cost, schools to choose from. Some of these schools even offer scholarship programs and grants to help pay for your education. Whether you want a certification or a degree, Alaska offers it all!

School Listings for Alaska

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