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What Do Medical Assistants Do in the ER Department

Your kid falls off the bed, you find your grandmother unresponsive, your wife is in a serious car wreck, who is the first person you call? 9-1-1! You expect the ambulance to get your loved ones to the emergency room so they can be fixed. You trust the doctors, you trust the nurses but, what about all the people behind the scenes.

In this article, you will be informed of what a medical assistant is and their role in the emergency room.

What is a medical assistant?

Medical Assistant’s assist doctors and nurses usually in a hospital setting. Since nurses have a more educational background, they usually take care of the more mentally demanding tasks while, medical assistant’s take care of the simpler tasks.

Medical assistants check vitals, chart vitals, assist patients to the bathroom, assist patients in showering, and etc. Thanks to medical assistants, nurses are more available to help the doctors and devote their time to more challenging tasks. Medical Assistants in one may get what most people would refer to as the dirty or grunt work. Most people don’t realize, it is also the more rewarding work as well. How to become a medical assistant? Their are several different programs.

Both online and traditional on campus programs are available.

Make sure whatever program you choose is CAAHEP or ABHES accredited. In order to get most medical assistant jobs this is essential. By choosing a program that is accredited, you will be able to become a CERTIFIED Medical Assistant. Many employers feel safer hiring certified medical assistants because they feel as if they are more competent than non certified medical assistants.

A average day as a medical assistant in the ER: The good stuff!

A medical assistant job may sound like a piece of cake to some people. I bet the one’s who work in the Emergency Room would disagree with you though. Any job in the Emergency Room is tough. Sirens, Ambulances, Code Blue, Code Yellow, try working in those conditions for one day and see what it does to you! Wiping butts, cleaning up spit up, holding urinals, taking temperatures and blood pressures, charting temperatures and blood pressures, etc.

This is just some of the tasks the average ER medical assistants do on a daily basis. It’s not exactly the most luxurious job but, it’s defiantly one of the most rewarding. When a medical assistant works in the Emergency Room, not only are they working under more stressful conditions but they are working all hours of the day and night.

The Emergency Room has no off hours.

It’s defiantly not a 9-5 job. Day shift, evening shift, night shift, and everyone’s personal favorite, the swing shift. One thing that is worth mentioning is that not only is it rewarding working as a medical assistant in the Emergency Room but, it is also well paying. Medical assistants often get paid between 10.60-17.68 a hour. Medical Assistant’s that work in the Emergency Room or in ICU often make in the top end of the hourly wage range. The reason they make more money is simple, ICU and Emergency Room medical assistants work in a stressful environment and are often assisting Doctors and nurses in life and death situations.

When you get more than 20 years of experience under your belt, you often can be upgraded to different positions and a higher pay range. The highest paying state for medical assistants is California at a average of 22.11 a hour. The second highest paying state is Idaho at a average of 21.66 per hour.

Is being a Emergency Room Medical Assistant Right For You?

It really depends, not everyone is cut out to work in high pace and high stress environment’s and that’s defiantly what being a medical assistant in the emergency room entails. If you can handle people coding and being right in the center of it assisting doctors and nurses then yes! Medical assisting in the Emergency Room means that you are helping to save lives. What could be more rewarding the helping to save someone’s Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Pawpaw, etc.?

Medical Assisting defiantly has it’s dirty work so, it is not for the faint at heart. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. You will be around poop, puke, and blood so, if your stomach can’t handle this, then I have some words of advice, don’t go into this line of work! You will hate your job and if you hate your job, you won’t help anyone!

If you have searched your heart and you feel that medical assisting in any department is right for you then start searching for a ACCREDITED medical assistant program today! What time is greater than the present?

Get your life on the right track by helping yourself and others. What better place to do that then by medical assisting in the Emergency Room?