About MedicalAssistantClassesOnline.net

MedicalAsisstantClassesOnline.net is a website built for the sole purpose of providing information to students seeking information about medical assistant schools and the career in general. We are strictly an informational-based resource only. We do not claim to offer professional educational advisement. Please see your local school or university’s academic counselor for professional suggestions and advice regarding your education and possible career in the medical assisting field.

Our Background

MedicalAssistantClassesOnline.net was created and founded by a small group of writers and clinical workers with experience in various medical fields. With a combined clinical experience of nearly 15 years, we believe we can offer what many online resources cannot: an unbiased look on the current medical assisting field and schools that provide medical assisting training and accredited degrees. We also employ a handful of professional writers to convey our experiences and thoughts in writing. Full disclosure: our writers come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and professional careers (some unrelated to medical assisting) – however, they provide on-site content based on our explicit and direct instructions. We monitor every word and sentence that is published on our site so that you, the readers, get accurate and up-to-date information as we see it.

About the Website

The majority of the content published on MedicalAssistantClassesOnline.net is related to medical assisting schools, such as their accreditation status, enrollment statistics, historical data, and other relevant information that may help prospective students decide on their school of choice. All opinions expressed in content published on MedicalAssistantClassesOnline.net is our opinion and should not be interpreted as professional advice. We also have a state / geographical guide to assist students looking for a more traditional classroom experience in their area.

All content is continually changed and updated, so please check back if don’t have what you’re looking for.

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