Medical Assisting Growth for the Future

Medical Assistant Jobs Have Growth for the Future

For medical assistants or those trying to achieve their certification in medical assisting, the opportunities for jobs continue to grow year after year. Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing jobs in the entire nation. Medical assistants throughout the United States and other countries are seeing a healthy upsurges in jobs year after year. Medical assistant jobs are predicted to increase at least until the year 2018 and probably well beyond as well. Those who are looking for jobs in medical assisting will not have any trouble finding jobs for many years to come.

Why are medical assistant jobs so in demand?

In 2010, there were around 500,000 medical assistants currently employed in the United States. Medical assistants work in doctor’s offices, or medical clinics, Others are working in hospitals and other medical offices. Every medical office, doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic needs medical assistants to run their offices and to keep things running smoothly. Medical assistants are needed wherever medical jobs are needed, which means practically everywhere. While medical assistants are not required to receive AMA certification, this can be a major resume building point when those in charge are looking to interview. Trained and certified medical assistants are preferable to those who do not have the proper certification. Even with many years of experience, medical assistants may find it hard to find work without training and certification.

Why are some areas growing faster than other for medical assistant jobs?

Medical assistant jobs continue to grow in large population areas where medical offices are in abundance. Rural areas or low population areas may not see as much growth in the area of medical assisting, but as long as there are any medical offices in an area, there will be growth in medical assistant jobs consistently. Another factor that might hinder medical assistant job growth is that some areas are not as friendly to medical professionals when it comes to high premiums for medical malpractice insurance. Areas where doctors, surgeons, or other medical professionals are often sued for medical malpractice will not see as many offices opening. Less offices mean less medical assistant job growth.

Good areas to look are large population areas and areas that have laws that are friendly to medical professionals. Thankfully, many states are making it easier for medical professionals to open new offices or expand existing offices. These areas will reflect the huge growth in medical assisting jobs that is being seen around the nation.

More reasons for medical assisting job growth Medical assistants may see growth in a particular field of medical assisting more than others. This is where having a medical assisting certification becomes more important.

It’s easy to join this fast growing job market by taking online classes. Or, look for medical assisting programs in your state:

Medical assistant is a broad category used for several different kinds of medical related jobs. There are administrative medical assistants who run the office with office type work. Also included under this area are clerical medical assistants who may answer phones, make appointments, greet patients, and send out letters from the medical office where they work. These type of medical assistants do not usually do medical procedures because this is not where they have received their training.

Clinical Medical Assistants

There are clinical medical assistants who do many different types of small medical procedures under the supervision of a nurse or doctor.

Clinical medical assistants can take blood pressure, draw blood (phlebotomy), or take out sutures. Other clinical medical assistants might specialize in work done through an eye care office such as doing initial exams and fitting patients for eyeglasses. Other medical assistants work in assisting surgeons.

Medical Lab Assistants

Another fast growing field within medical assisting is medical lab assisting. Medical lab assistants often work analyzing blood and tissue samples. This is another example of a medical assisting job where certification is preferred. Medical assistants jobs are seeing a growth across all areas of medical assisting and will continue to do so well into the future. Medical assisting can be a competitive field of work.

AMA certification is a definite leg up for those who want or need to find work in this job market. AMA certification gives medical assistants the competitive edge they need to keep up to date and ahead of the job market game. Certification can also give those with no experience access to jobs that would not otherwise be offered to them.

AMA certification is also necessary for medical assistants who want to continue to move forward with their training to other medical occupations. Job growth is rare in some fields, but medical assisting is not one of them. Getting your certification started today is the best way enter this exciting field. Job growth that is predicted to continue well into the future is one of the best promises any field of study can offer.

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