Medical Assistant Training Online and the Cost

Training Online to be a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants play a key role in modern healthcare. Medical Assistant is a growing field which presents many opportunities to work in medicine, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, labs, and assisted living facilities. The Medical Assistant field is a great way to make a difference in people’s lives while building a meaningful career. As a Medical Assistant, you’ll enjoy job security and an interesting variety of job responsibilities. No previous medical experience is needed to train and move successfully into the Medical Assistant field.

Medical Assistant Training online and the cost may vary depending on which program you choose. Many schools now offer this online program. A quick Google search or resources on will provide you with a variety of online opportunities where you’re sure to find something to meet your goals ad budgetary concerns. By studying to be a Medical Assistant online, you’ll get a quality education at your own pace in the comfort of the environment you choose – anywhere where you can access the internet becomes your classroom and portal to the education needed to pursue the career of your dreams.

Online Training Programs are Complete and Comprehensive.

You’ll be just as prepared as those who train in a traditional classroom setting. You set your own schedule, allowing you to work around other needs you may have in your life, such as working or time with family. In many online Medical Assistant programs, training can be completed in as little as four months, allowing you to move into your field of choice quickly. A Medical Assistant will assist with a variety of administrative and clerical duties.

One of the top goals of any online program in this field is to help define the scope and practice of the Medical Assistant field. Since the scope and limitations of this field can vary by state, many programs are geared to meet the specific requirements of the state in which you will be employed. You will learn about the various types of health professionals in the medical field and how they relate to medical assisting. You’ll learn about the required credentials and how to obtain those credentials.

The online program will also familiarize you with the job outlook for this field, for example, areas with the highest growth opportunities for Medical Assistants. Most online training programs begin with a general skills assessment to ensure you have the basic skills necessary to complete the program, such as basic math and reading skills. Additional classes may be offered to help shore up any weak areas that may prevent you from excelling as a Medical Assistant.

There are many areas of study in the Medical Assistant program. These include Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Medical Law and Ethics, Psychology of Human Relations, Pharmacology, Medical Office Business Procedures and Management, Medical Office Clinical Procedures, Medical Office Laboratory Procedures, Career Development, and Basic Keyboarding and Computer Concepts. Each one of these areas includes key skills you will need to master to be a Medical Assistant.

Anatomy and Physiology

In Anatomy and Physiology, you’ll learn how to talk to patients about the importance of good diet and nutrition, learn the body systems, their structure and function, and learn about common diseases and symptoms. You’ll learn how to explain disease processes and treatments to patients. Medical terminology will familiarize you with the unique vocabulary of your chosen field. You’ll learn the terminology unique to each medical specialty and the acceptable abbreviations used in medical records.

Medical Law and Ethics

Medical Law and Ethics focuses on familiarizing you with state and federal guidelines needed for documentation and proper procedures for the release of medical records or information. You’ll learn about the established policies for beginning and ending treatment, liability coverage, and risk management procedures.

Psychology of Human Relations

Psychology of Human Relations will focus on developing appropriate communication skills needed for dealing with patients who may have more sensitive needs, familiarity with the stages terminally ill patients go through, how to advocate on behalf of patients and families, how to explain the developmental stages of life and understanding the effects of culture, hereditary and environmental influences on patients.


Pharmacology will teach you occupational math and basic metric conversions needed to administer medications properly. You’ll learn how to identify medications and their appropriate dosages, and how to use the PDR.

Medical Office Business Procedures and Management

Medical Office Business Procedures and Management will familiarize you with basic clerical functions, preparing medical records, preparing and submitting insurance forms, fundamental writing skills and how to utilize electronic technology. Medical Office Clinical Procedures will train you on how to gather patient information such as chief complaints and history, how to take vital signs, aseptic techniques and infection control, treatment protocols, prepare exam and treatment areas, and assist physicians with routine exams and tests.

Medical Office Laboratory Procedures

Medical Office Laboratory Procedures will teach you how to perform and assist with various tests needed for medical diagnostics. You’ll also learn venipuncture, how to dispose of biohazard materials, and how to education patients on specimen collection procedures.

Career Development

Career Development focuses on professionalism, such as how to prepare a resume, interviewing effectively, and how to maintain a positive work ethic.

Basic Keyboarding and Computer Concepts

Basic Keyboarding and Computer Concepts will take you the proper use of basic office equipment, how to understand medical correspondence and reports, and familiarize you with software commonly used in the medical assisting field.

The cost of online Medical Assistant programs can vary widely, but typically average between $650 to $1500. Many online programs allow you to pay by monthly payments, making it a more affordable option if you don’t have the full amount required up front.

Additionally, you may have to pay extra fees for certification testing which is typically $250. Medical Assistant Training online and the cost is very manageable, convenient, and beneficial for those who’ve chosen this career path.

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