Medical Assistants Crucial for Specialists Discovering Diseases

Medical doctors and health workers Doctors are the most important personal health care resources, holders of professional activities and patients, the most important allies in decision-making. Their training takes a long time, but only after several years of special education and experience gives them the ability to work independently in a specialty. But it is almost all serious countries of the world, because the doctor who makes decisions or their advice According patient to make certain decisions. Hierarchy among physicians is well know, in our hospitals, in practice, the following Hierarchy:

  • Director institution patients are usually not visible, but is responsible for the good or bad organization of work (may delegate its powers to anyone, deputies, assistants and so on. but not the responsibility), and the director shall establish a system of verbal and non-verbal communication to patients. Posts and comments should come easily to him because it is his responsibility inevitable.
  • Head of Department (chief or head of the department or service) – in academic hospitals, ie. those that carry out education, as a rule, a professor or assistant professor. Once more departments together make up the clinic. The head of department leads rounds and on the authority of the place of residence of the patient, as determined by the supervise the work of other doctors.
  • Other professors and assistant professors are professional ranks equal with the head of department and work is divided into three disciplines. All professors and assistant professors are independent in their work. Room or attending physician usually younger specialists or even a resident and he is obliged to keep daily care and monitor the patient’s condition. The hierarchy among physicians play an important role doctors on the course (trainees) and students as future doctors, although students are not entitled to implement procedures that require a medical degree and license.

two young doctorsIt is the legitimate right of the patient to know who takes special care of him or who’s attending physician. Not good when you are in the hospital ward does not know the responsibilities, rights and duties. It is also not well as the head of the department only competent and attending physician, and other physicians of his assistants. Good organization of medical work in the department means that everyone is doing their job, and that priority is patient care.

It is particularly important that patients know whom to talk i agree further measures dijegnostike and treatment. Therefore, the patient needs to know who has what role in helping him as a patient.

In the absence of the physician must know who he is replacing. The nursing department is model of teamwork, and team transfer information and instructions must operate smoothly, and a system of communication. Mobile phones and telecommunications innovations provide all-day communication related for patients, particularly those endangered.

The issue of jurisdiction and responsibility in caring for the patient is the most important task of the management of each hospital and has to be elaborate. Those it does not address the rights of professional failure and quickly become unfit for duty manager. The PHC uses the term chosen doctor who:

1) a doctor of medicine or physician specialists in the field of general medicine, and occupational medicine specialist,
2) medical doctor specialized in pediatrics, and
3) a medical doctor gynecology, 4) doctor dentistry. Selected doctor performs health care team with the appropriate health professional professional qualifications in the field of medicine.

Notwithstanding, the selected physician may be a medical doctor other specialty, but under certain conditions.

Selected physician:
1) organize and implement measures to preserve and improve the health of individuals and families,
2) for the identification and elimination of risk factors for disease,
3) perform diagnosis and timely treatment of patients,
4) indicates immediate medical attention,
5) refers the patient to an appropriate medical facility to medical indications, or with a specialist and coordinate opinions and suggestions for continued treatment of the patient,
6) conduct home treatment, health care and palliative care, and treatment of patients which did not require hospital treatment,
7) provides medicines and medical devices,
8) conduct health care in the field of mental health,
9) perform other duties in accordance with law. In the process of achieving health protection chosen physician refers a patient to secondary and tertiary level. chosen doctor in the opinion of specialists appropriate branches of medicine refers the patient to a tertiary level. chosen doctor takes a complete medical documentation of patient health.

Health care through selected physicians carried out in accordance with the law governing area of health insurance. Health activities at the primary level include:

1) the protection and promotion of health, prevention and early detection, treatment, rehabilitation sick and injured,

2) preventive health care population groups exposed to an increased risk of disease and other residents in accordance with a special program of preventive health protection

3) health education and counseling for health improvement,

4) The prevention, early detection and control of malignant disease,

5) the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases of the mouth and teeth,

6) home care visits, treatment and rehabilitation in the home,

7) Prevention and early detection of disease, health care and rehabilitation for persons placed in welfare and

8) emergency medical care and ambulance transportation,

9) Pharmaceutical Care,

10) Rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities in physical and mental development,

11) mental health,

12) palliative care and others. The provision of medical services at the primary level health care facilities generate collaboration with other health, social, educational and other institutions and organizations in the preparation and execution of programs for health improvement.

Specialized consulting activities can be carried out at the health center and other  medical institution at the primary level. Specialized consulting activity that is performed at the primary level must have for your needs adequate laboratory and other diagnostics. Home health and other health care institutions at the primary level in performing specialist consulting activities linked to the professional or organizational terms with appropriate medical institution that performs secondary health care.

Health activities at the secondary level includes specialist-consultative and hospital health care. Specialized consulting activities at the secondary level in relation to health activity at the primary level includes more complex measures and procedures for the detection of disease and injury as well as treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured. Hospital health activities include the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, health care and accommodation in hospitals, and pharmaceutical services in the hospital pharmacy.

Health tertiary includes providing the most complex forms of health care and specialist-consultative and hospital health activities and scientific research and educational activities, in accordance with the law governing scientific research activities, and educational activities. Health tertiary involves performing pharmaceutical and health activities in the hospital pharmacy. Health workers are persons who have completed medical, dental, and pharmaceutical Faculty, as well as persons who have completed another school of health professions, which directly provide health services in health facilities or private practice, under conditions prescribed by this Law.

Health care assistant is a person with a high school, college, or university degree, which perform certain duties of health care in a medical institution. For the performance of health services health workers and health care assistants need for certain jobs have proper specialization and narrow specialization, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Health worker, depending on the level of education is:

1) a medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist and a graduate degree in Pharmacy Medical biochemistry – have completed the appropriate university medical profession,

2) other health professional – have completed the appropriate university, college, or high school education of health professionals. Membership in the Chamber of health workers is a must for all the above mentioned health workers involved in healthcare. The health worker can independently provide health care in a medical institution, private practice or with another employer where the law allows to perform certain activities of health services only if: 1) completed an internship and passed the exam, 2) registered in the register of commerce,

3) get or renew authorization to work independently.

Under the self-employed, in the legal sense, means the Self health care without direct supervision of other health care workers. Alien carrying out health activities in Serbia must, in addition to the above criteria, to know Serbian language and the second language in official use, in accordance with the regulations of the official the use of language in the Republic and must meet other requirements in accordance with the regulations governing the employment of foreign nationals. Health workers carry out health activities in accordance with applicable health doctrine and in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics. For his work, health workers take the professional, ethical, criminal and financial responsibility. 

Health workers with higher education shall, upon receipt of a diploma graduation, signed a statement – an oath that in the course of his call to adhere principles set forth in the “Hippocratic Oath”, as well as the principles of professional ethics. Health workers, or medical assistants, shall be in employment sign statement – an oath that in the course of his calls adhere to the principles set forth in the “Hippocratic Oath”, as well as the principles of professional ethics.

Health care workers and health care assistants, and other employees of the hospital must leave the workplace until they are secure replacement, although their working time is up, because would impair the performance of the health sector and threaten the health of the patient. Health worker may refuse to provide health care if health services to be provided not in accordance with his conscience, or international rules of medical ethics and it is so. conscientious objection. The health worker is required to conscientious objection inform the director of health facilities, or immediate supervisor.

The Human Blueprint conceptHospital that. health facility shall comply prominent conscientious health care workers, and to ensure the provision of health care patient by a healthcare professional. The health worker can refuse to provide emergency medical care, citing the complaint conscience. The rights, duties and responsibilities of the hospital and other medical institutions, exercise in accordance with the rules of procedure. It is forbidden to carry out health activities by persons under the law does not health workers and health assistants.

The day health worker begins internship is required to enroll in the Chamber’s directory, in which there Separate records of trainees to its members. Health care workers and health care assistants can not perform independent work until you have apprenticeship and pass an exam in accordance with the law. Internship for health workers and associates with university education is now generally 12 months, but the doctor, whose undergraduate studies at medical school faculty to the program lasts for six years, the internship is six months.

Internship for health workers and associates with higher or secondary education lasts for six months. The internship is conducted according to the established program. The internship is a practical work under the supervision of an authorized health care provider, or health assistants – mentors, which health workers and associates enable them to work. The internship takes place in health facilities under direct supervision of a health care professional, or medical assistants who have at least five years of work experience after passing the professional examination.

Hospitals or health care institutions keep records, supervises and is responsible for the consistent implementation of the program internship health workers and associates. During the internship trainee who commenced employment with the health department, has entitled to the salary and all other employment rights in accordance with the law governing the work, and in accordance with the contract. By the end of the internship health workers and health care assistants are required to pass a licensing exam within 12 months from the date of completion internship program, before a commission established by the Ministry of Health

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