Importance and Value of Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

Certification is not only the right thing to do to improve your skills it will also increase your value and make you more attractive to prospective employers. The employer will be more likely to see that your are highly skilled and knowledgeable if you achieve the goal of certification. It will also demonstrate to the employer that you are dedicated and interested in your choice of professions. It may even imply that you are interested in doing the right thing in order to not only benefit yourself but also to benefit others; which is an important quality to have if you want to be a Certified Medical Assistant.

Having the right education and knowledge will make you a better employee and also give you the tools you need to be effective in this profession. The healthcare field is highly competitive so your certification will improve your chances of getting the job you want and possibly even increase the pay that an employer is willing to offer you. While you may think that taking the time and spending the money for certification is not something that is worthwhile it will help you to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can give the best care possible to people you interact with.

If you want to help people then this is a good place to begin as it will give you a fairly broad overview of what healthcare entails before you decide to pursue higher educational or personal goals. You can pursue a certification through traditional methods such as brick and mortar colleges or community colleges or through institutions that specialize in only Medical Assistant programs. There are also a wide range of opportunities through online resources that can help you accomplish this goal; a search of the internet will provide you with many choices in this respect. Once you have chosen your path and completed the necessary class work you will have to pass an exam in order to receive your certification.

Getting Re-Certified

You will also be required to be re-certified every 60 months either by exam or continuing education credits. Regardless of the path you take to achieve certification as a medical assistant you must first be aware that helping people should be your first goal. I would recommend that you consider the first part of the Hippocratic Oath which to quickly paraphrase states that “first cause no harm to others”.

Please do a internet search for the full and accurate statement as this is an important value to hold if you choose to be a member of the healthcare industry. It’s also important that one of your core values should be integrity and doing the right thing for others regardless of your own moral views.

To be an effective member of healthcare you can not be judgmental and look down on others because of their social status; whether it is from environment, personal choices, or lack of wealth. Being a certified medical assistant can make a big difference in your life as well as others lives if you perform it with a sense of wanting to help to make people healthy and thereby making the world a better place for all to live. While you can’t be totally altruistic; as we all need to make money to survive; it is a good concept to keep foremost in your thoughts while your perform your duties.

Important Things to Remember

It is also an important thought to consider while you are deciding if becoming a certified medical assistant is the right career path for you. Working in healthcare is one of the few jobs that will give you a sense of personal satisfaction and help you to “give back” to your community and the individuals that you encounter on a daily basis.

If the only goal of getting a job or certification is to make more money then I would discourage you from pursuing this career path. Those who are only interested in monetary gain do not tend to treat others health and well being as a paramount reason for being in their chosen profession. Being a certified medical assistant is about caring for others well being and seeing them as being just as important as you; or your family members; in the grand scheme of living life.

The Career You Always Wanted

Becoming a certified medical assistant is a great way to live out your core values of helping others to become the people they want to be and at the same time improving yourself in the same way. It will take work and dedication and it will all be worth it when you see the positive effect you can have on others. While it may not always be a happy or satisfactory outcome with those you interact with it is a way to feel like you are truly making a difference in our world that we inhabit.

What other job can you find that not only improves you but also helps others with their daily struggles? If someone is not healthy or feeling their best it will make it that much more difficult to achieve their goals and live a productive life. Please consider becoming a certified medical assistant if you believe in a better life for all; yourself included.

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