Medical Assistant Programs for RMA Certification

Have you always wanted to get into the healthcare field but did not know where to start? Would you enjoy being part of the big picture, assisting medical professionals in general, administrative, and clerical duties? Do you want more out of life than your day to day job is providing you right now? Increase your chances of getting a job in the medical field with a medical assistant program that can get you RMA certification.

Despite a struggling economy, the healthcare industry is continuing to need more and more clerical and administrative professionals to fill its fast growing demands. In an industry that requires extensive training, becoming certified definitely has its advantages. Do you have a desire to become a professional who is certified in their field?

Although becoming a medical assistant does not officially require certification, let’s face it, being certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants(AAMA) tells prospective employers that you are qualified and ready to hit the ground running. Certification places you on a different qualification level than someone who does not have that credential. Your chance for earning a higher salary and promotions are increased when you become a certified medical assistant.

Ultimately, the knowledge and skills that you will acquire will serve as the ultimate reward, allowing you to know that you are one of the best in the field. So what do you need to do to take the next step and begin paving the road to an exciting and rewarding career as a certified medical assistant?

What Do I Need to Get Started?

This is the part where we usually gasp at the requirements and choose to read no further. However, obtaining certification as a medical assistant is not that big of a hassle. It is a pretty straightforward process that involves making some fundamental choices.

In order to get into a medical assistant program that can get you RMA certification, you must first choose which type of learning environment would best suit your lifestyle and schedule. Traditional studies generally require that you physically attend classes and interact face to face with your instructor and fellow students.

These areRMA Certified known as brick and mortar programs because you attend classes in a classroom setting in a designated building. Traditional training provide the advantage of providing personal instruction and feedback as well as immediate access to your instructor.

Programs offered online provide more flexibility, sometimes providing more scheduling choices for working parents and those with more demanding schedules. Online programs vary in their level of access to instructors and additional instruction between class hours. However, costs may vary greatly and it is important to weight the advantages and disadvantages of both programs before making a final decision. Make sure the program is CAAHEP or ABHES accredited so that you will be able to receive your certification and take the exam upon graduation.

The exam, which certifies you in your field, is taken within 30 days of graduation and up to 12 months after graduation. If you graduated from an accredited program and more than 12 months have passed, different requirements apply. So what else do you need to know before completing your medical assistant program that can get you RMA certification?

What Else to Know

The most common question people want to know is how much does the exam cost? The application fee for certification is $125. You will receive notification within 30 days of your application, notifying you of your application status. Upon approval, you will be notified of how and where to schedule your exam. You then schedule your exam time online through the AAMA website.

There are several study resources available to prepare for your exam as well as exam reviews sometimes offered through an accredited program or your local AAMA chapter. Utilizing the vast wealth of knowledge provided through online sources is paramount. With so many resources to prepare for the exam, you are certain to have more than enough resources to prepare for the exam.

Once you pass the exam, you will have the legal right to use the Certified Medical Assistant title on your resume and job applications. Take pride in the fact that you sought out training, committed to finish, and earned your certification in the health care industry. Begin an exciting career in the healthcare industry as a certified medical assistant and begin paving your way to a brighter future. Medical assisting is a fast growing profession and now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity by entering a certified medical assistant program that can get you RMA certification.

What to do Today

Go online and find a certified program that fits your schedule and is in line with your goals. Look at the projected growth and demand in the profession and start making plans to change your life today by finding a medical assistant program that can get you RMA certification.

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